The Creators

Barrie Tankel and Joy Cox, both authors, formed a friendship during lockdown when meeting “virtually” on London Writers’ Salon (LWS). After sharing their distress at missing travel, Joy suggested to Barrie, (aka Silky B, due to his lovely silky voice), that they record a series of Travel Podcasts and invite guests to contribute their own stories.  These now begin to encompass all facets of travel including the hurdles faced when travelling in a wheelchair.

It’s an inclusive, collaborative space to facilitate virtual travel free from COVID, monetary, mobility, border restrictions.

All the podcasts are short and quick to listen to. Expresso for the ears and soul.

Published by fantasyholidays

Barrie Tankel and Joy Cox formed an unlikely friendship during lockdown after joining a writer’s group. Different ages, different backgrounds. We got talking about Joy's book ‘The Mr Lucker Story - about a comfort blanket’ and how much we were missing travelling. This resulted in us creating podcast travel stories and taking everyone on virtual journeys.

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